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HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Eco-friendly Series


Gaining a Competitive Edge and Protecting the Environment

There is an increasing awareness of the environmental performance of organisations, as well as the environmental impact of the products and services they deliver. More buyers and retailers now impose green requirements on suppliers and service providers to meet public expectations. These are driving the surge in eco-friendly products and services.

Adopt Eco-friendly Practice from Production to Disposal
To cope with this market trend, HKQAA has developed the "HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Eco-friendly Series" to encourage organisations to integrate environmental aspects into the design, production, delivery, use and disposal of their products and services, so as to improve environmental performance. The initiative recognises organisations' contribution to promoting environmental protection based on the traceable evidence that they have done so.

The initiative is intended for the manufacturers, importers, traders, retailers and service providers of environmental friendly products. It encourages organisations to commit to the environment at different stages of the product life cycle by registering their products or services in the following categories:

  • Eco-friendly Material
  • Eco-friendly Production
  • Eco-friendly Product
  • Eco-friendly Service
  • Eco-friendly Facility
  • Eco-friendly Project

  • Organisations which commit to supporting eco-friendly products can join as Companions.

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